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Supporting small business to recover and prosper

The Ford Health Wellbeing hub has been developed with support from the Queensland Government to assist the recovery of COVID-19 impacted small businesses and their employees.  This is an initiative under Queensland’s Economic Recovery Plan. 

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The hub provides courses on these wellbeing topics

Coping with Stress

Find out about the skills needed to successfully adapt to COVID challenges and beyond. Learn some of tools, skills and self-management techniques successful business people use to manage their stress and build their coping skills. Understand how to manage decision making fatigue, to boundary set, build a diversified portfolio of coping skills and how embrace good stress.

Building Resilience

Our resilience is not tested when things are going well, but rather when everything is going wrong. This series will discuss the traits of resilient people, and how they have skills applied to their daily patterns to supports their personal resilience and coping strategies. We also look at how we can build more resilient teams in our workplaces.

Positive Mental Health

Just as we train for physical fitness, we can also train to build our positive mental health. This series will discuss the building blocks to flourish, including positive emotions, thoughts, connections and communication. Also get some practical tips on keeping precious energy reserves topped up to cope with the unexpected.

What’s on offer?

The hub provides free on-demand content and access to a series live educational events. The presenters are experienced Medical Practitioners who specialize in working with businesses and corporations. Their advice is practical and considers the many demands that face busy business owners and their employees.

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Small Business Training

Who is Ford Health?

Ford Health is a medical practice which specialises in the improvement of the Health, Wellbeing and Resilience of Australia’s workforce. For the last 20 years we have partnered with businesses and organisations to support the health of their people to have the capacity to cope with the demands of their business now and in the future.

DESBT Series and Levels Explained

Who is eligible to join?

This program is available to business owners and employees of Queensland small businesses impacted by COVID -19. It is also available to looking to work in a small business in the future or upgrade their skills. You must be resident in Queensland to apply.